Request a book review

Please read the review policy given below before contacting me with your book review requests. Many Thanks, x 

I am grateful and thrilled that you have chosen me to read and review your book so first of all Thank You. Please kindly take the time to read through my review policy before you request a review. 

What Books Do I Accept?

Post Apocalyptic,
Children/Young Adult,
True Stories/True Crime. 

(All books should have a Goodreads page)

What Books Do I Not Accept?

What Format Do I Accept Book In?

Print Copies (Paperback or Hardback)

How Long Do I Take To Review?

Between 1-5 Weeks depending on how big my reviewing queue is. 

Where Do I Post My Reviews?

Amazon under Lu's Reviews (UK or USA or Both)
Net Galley (If a NetGalley Book)
My Blogs at
SmashWords (LusReviews)
Barns & Noble (Lus-Reviews)

I also use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to promote my book reviews, links can be found at the top of my blog. Also please feel free to share my links anywhere you like. 

Rating Scale

My Rating scale can be found at the top of my blog, on a page of its own. 

  • Read review policy 
  • Use e-mail address provided at the bottom of this page to email a review request.
  • If I accept your request I will contact you within 5 working days via e-mail. Asking you to send me the book via your prefered format along with any other features. ie Cover Reveal, Interview, Excerpt guest Post. 
  • Kindly reply to my e-mail within 5 working days. 
  • Once I have received your book I will notify you when I start to read your book, when I finish it and when I have posted my review. Also with links for your convenience. 
I will not accept all requests this could be due to the following 
  • The book did not meet the requirements,
  • A personal disinterest. 
  • I have too many books in my queue at the moment.
Once I accept a request I will post the review within the designated period. Please note, I do not get paid for my reviews I do them for my love of reading and books and also for my passion for writing. I write honest reviews and post them. These are my opinions and I am entitled to them you cannot ask me to change them.


Finally, Thank You for taking the time to read this post and my blog. The e-mail address you need is:
Please state in the subject header that this is a review request. 

Also, I am Happy to take part in Book Blog Tours, including doing book reviews, Author interviews, Book extracts, Cover Reveals and anything else you would like. 

Many Thanks, LucyLui x

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