Unexplained Absence

Hey guys,

I know I said I was only taking some time off for Christmas and new year and we'll let's face it its now March and I havnt posted anything.

So where have I been?? I've had some technical issues, as in my tablet broke and I'm not in a position to replace it at the moment, hence I'm only accepting hard copies of books for review at the moment.

I've also had some family issues, my wife's mammar is very sick and we expect to loose her soon, so things are very sad and messy at the moment.

My own family drama has not got any better, I'm still the black sheep and still have no contact with them. But that's all very boring.

So last year I set a goal to read 112 books and I can happily say I surpassed that goal and read even more. Reading a total of 133 books. So this year I have set an even higher goal of 200 books. Which I am currently at 39/200 that's 19% through.

I'm not going to write a review for all the books I've written this year as it's so many. But I will list them and if anyone wants a specific review or has any questions please feel free to ask.

1. Awakened by P.C.Cast and Kristen Cast - 4*

2. Hidden by P.C.Cast and Kristen Cast - 5*

3. Destined by P.C.Cast and Kristen Cast - 4*

4. A discovery of witches by  Deborah Harkness - 5*

5. Revealed by P.C.Cast and Kristen Cast -5*

6. Redeemed by P.C Cast and Kristen Cast - 5*

7. Throne of glass by Sarah J Maas - 1*

8. 1st to die by James Patterson - 4*

9. What you wish for by Mark Edwards - 3*

10. The devil's work by Mark Edwards - 4*

11. Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst - 1*

12 & 38. Dangers by Rainbow Rowell - 5* (read this twice this year)

13. The Meg by Steve Alten - 5*

14. Empress of all seasons by Emiko Jean - 5*

15. Diary of a young girl by Anne Frank - 4*

16. Delores Clairbourn by Stephen King - 1*

17. Safe houses by Dan Fesperman - 1*

18. Illuminae by Amie Kaufman - 1*

19. City of ghosts by V.E.Schwab - 5*

20. You by Carotene Kepnes - 3*

21. Emergency Contact by Mary M.K Choi - 1*

22. The war of the worlds by H.G.Wells - 1*

23. The kiss quotient by Helen Hoagn - 1*

24. The shape of water by Guillermo de toro - 1*

25. The help by Katherine Stockett - 1*

26. Why mummy swears by Gill Simms - 5*

27. A court of thorns and roses by Sarah J Maas - 1*

28. I'm her shadow by Mark Edwards - 3*

29. The gift by Cecelia Ahead - 1*

30. Whisky Beach by Nora Roberts - 4*

31. Pray the gay away by Sarah York - 5*

32. Sending jack off to jesus by Sara York - 5*

33. Carry on by Rainbow Rowell - 5*

34. My big fat southern gay wedding by Sara York - 5*

35. The Escape by C.L.Taylor - 4*

36. the Rumour by Lesley Kara - 5*

37. the Treatment by C.L.Taylor - 4*

39. The Magpies by Mark Edwards - 5*

So there you have it.

I am currently reading an ARC called Blood Moon Part 1 by S.Yurvati and I am listening to The Accident by C.L.Taylor on audiobook at night time.

So I hope this helps to explain why I've been gone, and I shall be back better than ever from now on.

LucyLui xx

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