Dangerous Minds by Priscilla Masters

Dangerous Minds by Priscilla Masters

Title - Dangerous Minds 
Author - Priscilla Masters 
Published - January '17
Publisher - Severn House Publishing 
Genre - #Thriller 
Pages - 224
Price on Amazon - Paperback - £12.99 Kindle - £6.02
ISBN - 1847517005

Dr Claire Roget is a Forensic Psychologist when she receives a wedding invitation from a former patient, She is more than worried. Jerome Barcley is a former patient, he is intelligent and manipulative and suffers from a serious personality disorder, but Claire has never been able to prove it. 

She believes he is dangerous and is responsible for at least three deaths if not more. The other thing is Jerome seems to know all about Claire's other patients and all about Claire and her personal life. Can she prevent another murder? Is Claire at risk herself?

This book was a bit of an odd one, I kind of enjoyed the storyline, I liked the general plot, a psychologist trying to prevent one of her patients who is a psychopath when nobody believes her. The problem I had with the story was Claire. I found her to be rather annoying, unrealistic and unlikeable character. I don't know why she just seemed to really annoy me.  

This affected the way I was pulled into the story, I found I wasn't totally hooked and just didn't find it extremely gripping. But I'm glad I read it at least once.

Rating - Three out of Five Stars
Would I Read Again? - No
Would I Recommend? - No
Would I read other books by the same author? - Yes

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