Book Box Club - July

Book Box Club - July Unveiling 

So I recently joined The Book Box Club. I think this is a wonderful thing for any book fanatic. They have two options. The first, which is the one I went for, once a month you will receive a lovely box full of book-related goodies and a newly released YA book. So if you like me love book-related goodies and of course love getting newly released books then this is the option for you. (Keep reading to find out what kind of goodie I got this month)

If bookish goodies are not your thing, but you still love to get newly released books, then no worries. The Purley Books Membership would be for you. You will still receive a box once a month, with a lovely newly released book inside. 

Oh, and did I mention every member gets a secret and personal invite to the Clubhouse where you can meet with other members and also have a chance to chat to the month's author and ask some questions. 

So where can you buy yours? Head on over to

Each month has a different theme, July's theme (My first box) was Witchcraft, and boy was I excited about this theme. So what did I get inside this amazing box?

  • The Last Witch by Melvin Burgess,
  • My Clubhouse Invite,
  • Luna Lovegood Candle by Madame Fiction 
  • Hubble Bubble Bath Potion by Midsummer Child,
  • Portable Magic Book Pouch by Tea Cake Art,
  • Hocus Pocus Earrings by Fairy Fountain Gifts,
  • A Spell for Wildflowers by Wildflower Favours,
  • A Chocolate Frog by Cadburys,
  • Book Marks and Postcards by Bloomsbury, Penguin Random House, Scholastic and Anderson. 

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