The Death Sculptor by Chris Carter

The Death Sculptor by Chris Carter 

Title - The Death Sculptor 
Author - Chris Carter 
Published - Feb '13
Publisher - Simon and Shuster 
Genre - #Crime #Thriller #Mystery 
Pages - 512
Price on Amazon - Paperback - £6.38 Kindle - £4.99
ISBN - 0857203029

The Death Sculptor is the fourth novel in the Robert Hunter series by Chris Carter. Hunter and Garcia are on the case of another serial killer, another sick mind to hunt down. This time the killer is killing his victims then using their body parts to make a human sculptor. But why? Can Hunter and Garcia figure out the meaning of the sculptors before even more people die? Can they catch this killer?

Yet again we are introduced to Hunter and Garcia. We learn more about their pasts, which helps the reader connect better with the characters which in turns helps the reader to invest more in the story. 

The pace of the book is very similar to the other books in the series, its a really good pace, easy to follow with a really interesting storyline. I found it really gripping and it really pulled me into the story and I just couldn't put it down. 

Were introduced to new characters, the family of the victims, which sends you on a whirlwind of emotions. I did find with this book, I did manage to work out who the killer was quite early on. I had a gut feeling about the killer, there was just something that set of my spider senses. 

All in all, another fantastic book from Chris Carter, in the Robert Hunter series. Definitely one of my favourite series I've read this year so far. For these reasons, I have chosen to give this book Five out of Five Stars. 

Rating - Five out of Five Stars
Would I Read Again? - Yes
Would I Recommend? - Yes
Would I read other books by the same author? - Yes

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