The Crucifix Killer

The Crucifix Killer by Chris Carter

Title - The Crucifix Killer
Author - Chris Carter 
Published - Jan '13
Publisher - Simon and Schuster Uk
Genre - #Crime #Thriller #Mystery
Pages - 448
Price - Paperback - £8.46 Kindle - £4.99
ISBN - 1471128210

This is the first book in The Robert Hunter series. Robert Hunter is a detective with the LAPD Robbery Homicide Violent Crime Division (RHD) 
When the body of a young woman is found, Robert is called in, throwing him into a terrible nightmare of a case. The woman had suffered a horrific death and the killer had carved a double-crucifix on the back of her neck. This is the known signature of the serial killer The Crucifix Killer. 

The problem is the crucifix killer was caught and prosecuted two years ago and he was also executed. So is this a copycat? or did they get the wrong killer the first time around? If this is the case, can Hunter and Garcia catch the right guy this time?

I first read one of the later books in the series and I loved it (See the previous review) it made me want to start from the beginning of the series. So this book as I mentioned earlier is the first book in the Robert Hunter series. We are introduced to the two main characters. Detective Robert Hunter, a solitary man dedicated to his job, passionate about education and learning. He was a child prodigy.

Hunter is a really likeable character, I found myself being able to relate to Hunter a lot. I thought he was a very 3-dimensional character and I could see a lot of my own behaviour and characteristics in him. Carter has done a wonderful job of bringing this character to life on the page. 

The second main character is Carlos Garcia, he is Hunter's new partner. He is new to the Robbery Homicide Division (RHD) I felt Garcia was the Ying to Hunters Yang. 

I found these two characters worked so well together and it was watching their friendship and partnership grow. Again I found Garcia to be really likeable and a really realistic character. Wonderfully brought to life throughout the book. They came to life so much that after reading this book, I ended up dreaming about the pair of them for several nights. 

I found Carters writing style to be really easy to follow, gripping and set at a comfy pace. There was a decent amount of chapters, each a decent length. There's nothing I hate more than hundreds and hundreds of very short chapters, like chapters that are a page long. Thankfully this was not the case with this book. Each chapter flowed well into the next and didn't leave you thinking 'huh' very easy flow and a great read. The pace of the book was really good making the book really nice to read. It takes you through the story at a decent pace, pulling you deeper and deeper into the story so you can't put it down. 

I found the storyline to be very interesting and it kept me guessing throughout, I wasn't easily able to guess what the ending was going to be, which is sometimes so easily done in thriller novels. 

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and have added Chris Carter to my list of favourite authors, this series has quickly become one of my favourites series I have read this year. 

I have chosen to give this book Five stars. I believe it very much deserves it. 

Rating -  Five out of Five Stars
Would I Read Again? - Yes
Would I Recommend? - Yes
Would I read other books by the same author? - Yes

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