Transitions by David Connor

Transitions by David Connor

Title - Transitions 
Author - David Connor 
Published - Aug '17
Publisher - Less Than Three Press
Genre - #LGBTQIA
Pages - 334
Price on Amazon - Paperback - £13.67 Kindle - £5.29
ISBN - 1684311047

Erika is part of an Olympic skating pair. Her partner is her ex-husband who fell in love with a British ice dancer called Milo. Now the three of them live together and they raise Erika's daughter who's to complicate even more father is Erika's ex-boyfriend Bill who is Milo's old friend. 

This is one complicated love square. This is a complicated book with polyamorous characters, with all walks of sexual orientations involved, with each character trying to find their way and their own identity. 

A great read, an interesting plot, easy to read, if at times slightly complicated trying to remember who's who and who's with who. (Wow that was a lot of who's) 

 A brilliant way to show off a different family dynamic and a different family unit compared to the 'normal' mum, dad and 2.5 kids that society says is the ideal family unit. A refreshing view on different ways families work. 

Thank You to NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating - Four out of Five Stars
Would I Read Again? - Yes
Would I Recommend? - Yes
Would I read other books by the same author? - Yes

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