Mine by Susi Fox

Mine by Susi Fox

Title - Mine
Author - Susi Fox
Published - June '18
Publisher - Penguin 
Genre - #Thriller #Psychological 
Pages - 464
Price on Amazon - Paperback - £7.74 Kindle - £0.99
ISBN - 1405934646

When Sasha wakes up after having a traumatic emergency cesarean all she wants is her baby. As she is presented with a tiny infant dread takes over, this is not her baby. Nobody believes her, not her husband, not the doctor, nor the nurse's nobody. 

Sasha was told she was having a little girl, yet they have presented her with a baby boy. This is not her baby, they all think she is delusional but a mother knows doesn't she?

This book sounded really good, I was really looking forward to reading it and I was not disappointed. 

This book takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions and makes you really unsure, one minute you believe Sasha the next your not sure. I mean these things do happen, but how often hardly ever right? 

A fantastic and suspenseful read. I would certainly recommend and I look forward to reading more book by this author in the future. 

Thank You to the NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating - Five out of Five Stars
Would I Read Again? - Yes
Would I Recommend? - Yes
Would I read other books by the same author? - Yes

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