The Treatment

                                                                            The Treatment by C.L.Taylor 
Title: The Treatment
Author: C.L.Taylor
First Published: October 2017
Publishers: HQ Young Adult 

Pages: 384
Price on Amazon: Paperback: £7.99 Kindle: £4.49
ISBN: 0008240566

The Treatment will cure you of everything. 

Sixteen year old Drew Finch receives a note from her brother who has been sent away to a special school to be reformed for his out of control behaviour. The note asks Drew for help, telling her the school is not safe and that the treatment is actually brainwashing the teenagers and that it is his turn soon and he is scared. Drew tries to tell her mother and stepfather but they do not believe her. This leaves Drew with only one option, she has to get herself sent to the same place and break her brother out. Sounds simple but Drew doesn't know just how much trouble she is getting herself into. 

Once Drew is placed in the school, there is much more security then she first believed there to be and she is in a different wing of the building to her bother Mason. Drew becomes friends with a girl called Megan whose nickname is Mouse. Soon Drew and Mouse are planning their escape with Mason together. Can the three of them pull it off? Or will they end up in more trouble? Can they get out before having to have the treatment themselves?

I got an advanced copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review so here it goes. I found this book to be a little slow to start with but once it picked up i started to quiet enjoy it. I immediately picked up on the fact there was something not right about Drew's stepfather although i couldn't quiet put my finger on how deep his involvement went.  I found Drew to be a strong leading female character, i was a little disappointed in how easily she was broken, I would of thought that it would of taken a bit longer than it did to break her. I would also of liked to of seen how Mason and Mouse got on through the treatment. Having studied psychology myself for many years it was nice to see proper research had been done into conditioning and reconditioning and unconditioning behaviour. This helped the book flow and made the story much more believable. 

There are some good plot twists in this book which i wont mention for spoilers sake. All in all i did enjoy this book and i would recommend it to my friends and I shall be recommending it to my bookclub once its published of course. So rating i shall give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I look forward to reading more from this author as this is the first book from this author i have read. 

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Good As You

Good As You by Paul Flynn

Title: Good As You
Author: Paul Flynn
First Published: 2017
Publisher: Ebury Press
Pages: 368
Price on Amazon: Hardback £13.60 Kindle: £9.99

From prejudice to pride in thirty years.

Good as you follows the struggles gay men had to go through to get equality. This book starts out in 1984 with music on top of the pops showing the world what the gay scene is like with songs like small-town boy. 

The book also talks about the HIV outbreak and the panic and fear that followed marginalising an already discriminated against community even more. Yet through all this equality eventually came with the right for same sex couples to legally get married not just have a civil partnership. 

This book is a collection of stories of victories for the gay men and community and the victory they finally received as being known as good as you. 

This book is close to my heart being part of the LGBT community myself. It was interesting to learn how my community fought for the rights and freedom that I have today to be myself and to marry and be with who I want to be with. For the rights that I have today because of them. I am married in a same sex marriage but had i been born into my mother generation this would not have been possible. I am thankful for the rights we have today. 

I think Flynn has done a great job showing the hardship and triumphs our community has had to go through to get to where we are today. 4 out of 5 stars for this book. Very much deserved. I read this book in a single night as i couldn't put it down. 

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