Perfect Remains

                                                                     Perfect Remains - Helen Fields

Title: Perfect Remains
Author: Helen Fields
First Published in the UK: 2017
Publisher: Avon
Pages: 417
Price on Amazon: Paperback £5.59  Kindle £0.99
ISBN: 0008181551

I only made it to chapter 6 in this book. I did not finish the book as i was really not enjoying it. Therefore i am unable to give a full review. I gave this book 1 out of 5 stars.

Lies T M Logan

                                                                                    Lies - T M Logan
Title: Lies
Author: T M Logan
First Published in the UK:
Publisher: Twenty7
Pages: 512
Price on Amazon: Paperback £5.59 Kindle £0.98
ISBN: 1785770551
What if everything in your life you thought you knew was a lie?
Lies follows the life of Jo and his family. When Jo is driving home with son William and William spots his mothers car going into the carpark of a hotel Jo decides to follow her to see what she's up to. From there Jo's life is turned upside down and everything he thought he knew turns out to be a lie.
With Jo's life crashing down around him and the police after him for murder can Jo put all the pieces together in time to figure out what is going on and prove his innocence before its to late? Or will Jo end up going to prison for a murder he didn't commit, a murder he doesn't even believe has taken place. Can he save himself and keep his family together or do other people have other ideas?
As i as was reading this book i thought i had a pretty good idea on what was going on, on who was to blame and the how the story was going to end. I thought this was going to be a pretty typical who done it kind of book.  Well turns out i was only half right. The other half and well the major half i did not see coming.
i have given this book 4 out of 5 stars, however i did pay for this book as it was only 98p which would usually get itself inn the 5 star rating but as i don't think i will reread it i have given it 4 stars however, i would recommend this book for anyone looking for a good psychological thriller that keeps you guessing.
I found the characters in this book to be rather annoying. Jo kept going on about how he wanted to make his Marriage work and stay with his wife after her affair yet he constantly checked her phone, didn't trust her which of course is understandable i just never understood why after she hurt him so much and got him into all the trouble she did why he stuck by her and why he wanted to make the marriage work. Also Beth going on about how she needed her husband back she couldn't live without him after his affair. I can't stand women who need a man to define them and found she just came across as pathetic in the beginning of course as the book went on i understood why she was doing this  and realised that it had done exactly what it was meant to.
This book was chosen as one of the books for my bookclub. Not a bad choice and i did enjoy it.

The Missing One

                                                   The Missing Ones - Patricia Gibney
Title: The Missing Ones
Author: Patricia Gibney
First Published in the UK: 2017
Publisher: Bookouture
Pages: 422
Price on Amazon: Paperback £9.99 Kindle £0.99
ISBN: 978-1-78681-150-9

Can Detective Lottie Parker catch a killer and protect her family?

The Missing Ones is the first installment in the Detective Lottie Parker Series by Patricia Gibney. When a women is found murdered inside a church Detective Lottie Parker is put in charge of the case. When a second person is killed can Lottie find the link between the two murders? Just as Lottie and her team are trying to put all the pieces of a very complicated puzzle together, a priest goes missing. Is this linked to the two murders? Lottie and her team have a great deal of work ahead of them to find out what links all the pieces together.

On top of all of this Lottie is getting heat from her superintendent for her actions and her attempts at going after the local Bishop in connection with the murders and also going at a local well off business man both of whom have complained about Lottie and both who seem to be up to their necks in it in this case.

Can Lottie put all the pieces together and figure out who the killer is before more bodies turn up, before her own family and secrets come out. Has this case got anything to do with Lottie's long lost missing brother?

The Missing Ones, This book was chosen as one of the books for my bookclub (Bilsthorpe Bookworms) From reading the blurb i thought this sounded like an interesting read and defiantly my type of book. So what did i think once id read it?

I actually really enjoyed it. I found Lottie to be a character you liked, she's had a lot of hard times in her life and she is still going strong. Yes okay she has a slight drinking problem but at least she knows she does. I found i could relate to her when she spoke about her relationship with her mother as my own relationship with my mother over the past year has not been too good.

I found myself really rooting for Boyd hoping him and Lottie would get together and become a couple as i found them to be really sweet together and i thought Boyd was a perfect fit for Lottie after her loss. Boyd was another character you found yourself loving. Although he can come across as annoying and he liked to wind Lottie up he never meant any harm in it and always had Lottie's back.

I found halfway through the book i had guessed who i thought was the killer but i knew he had changed his name and couldn't figure out which of the characters he was now going by. To then find out i was well wrong completely about who the killer is i thought was really good. I really love it when i can't guess 'who done it' and the book keeps me guessing and questioning right up till the reveal. This to me is a sign of a great thriller novel.

I did find the book to be a little long winded, There was a lot of chapters and each chapter wasn't very long. I would have to say this is my only criticism really. I don't like it when books have lots of little chapters rather than a few long chapters. With over one hundred chapters in this book, i felt like the book seemed to never end.

All in all i have chosen to give this book 4 out of 5 stars and i have pre-ordered the second book in the series so keep your eye our for the review on book number two.