Book Clubs Next Selections

Book Clubs Next Selections

Well, had a really nice book club meeting the other day and we've decided that because we've had some not very good books the last few times to change it up a bit. We have four books and everyone is going to choose one at random and read that one. When we meet up next everyone will have chosen different books and we can discuss them and then we can swap or move on. 
I'd say the odds on me only reading one off these is pretty slim as they all sound really good. 

The selections are:

  • The Missing Ones by Patricia Gibney,
  • Perfect Remains by Helen Fields,
  • A Boy Made of Blocks by Keith Stuart,
  • Lies by T M Logan.

Set Free

Set Free - Anthony Bidulka 

Title:  Set Free
Author: Anthony Bidulka 
First Published in the UK: 2016 
Publisher: Bon Vivant Books
Pages: 284
Price on Amazon: Paperback £11.44 Kindle: £4.58
ISBN:  099522921X

Two Kidnappings, One family and a Journalist. 

Mikki is kidnapped on her way home from school one evening, the one night her parents decide she is old enough to be on her own for a few hours. Not long after the parents receive the ransom demands, through the post. Not over the phone or e-mail. The ransom says nothing about not contacting the police just how much money they want in return for their daughter alive. However, the ransom is never collected and the case goes cold. Mikki is not found. 

Some weeks down the line Jenn, Mikki's mother is arrested for attempted murder of their neighbour Scott, as she found one of Mikki's pink hair clips in Scott's bed. It then comes out that Jenn has slept with Scott. Scott is arrested and his daughter then accuses his of abuse. 

A few months down the line Jester Mikki's father decides to go travelling to get back into his writing. He flys to Morocco, he lands in Morocco, where he catches what he believes to be a taxi. He has however been kidnapped himself. Jester goes through a terrible time whilst being a prisoner including beatings. 

When Jester makes it home he writes a book about the kidnapping of his daughter and of his own kidnapping experiences. Is all how it seems though?

Throughout all of this, the family's friend Katie who is a journalist is helping them, she is controlling the media and being the spokesperson for the family. 

I started off enjoying this book, I found I couldn't put it down and I found myself praying that Mikki would be returned safely to her family. I also found myself hoping that Jenn and Jester wouldn't be torn apart by this ordeal as we see so many times. 

I found Katie at this stage of the book to be a really great friend, helping with the media, it's the last thing the parents want to deal with. Giving the family advice. Yes it helped boost her career but I believed she saw that as an added extra not her reason for doing it. 

When Jester was kidnapped I did think did this have something to do with Mikki's kidnapping. I also felt so bad for Jenn, first her daughter and now her husband. This book throws you through a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Later on, when Katie reveals her secret I won't say any more than that for spoilers I was shocked I couldn't believe it. I didn't know whether to be angry or sad or just damn confused. 

I must admit at this stage I didn't know where the book could go from here and thought it was going to end in a very disappointing way and I was no longer going to enjoy it. How wrong was I? 

This book had plenty of places to go, I must say when Mikki's kidnapper is revealed it floored me. I am usually so good at guessing who done it as they say but I was so far out with this one. So seriously well done. 

I was confused with the ending I don't know whether Mikki is alive or dead though so that's put my mind to thinking. I have chosen to give this book 5-Stars as it put me through my paces emotionally, it kept me guessing throughout and it still managed to surprise me. I would recommend to anyone looking for a great read. This is deffo on my to reread list. This is a book I will be thinking about for some time. 

My Trip to Adele

My Trip to Adele - A I Alyaseer 

Title: My Trip to Adele
Author: A I Alyaseer
First Published in the UK: 2016
Publisher: Ahmad Alyaseer
Pages: 228
Price on Amazon: Paperback £7.53 Kindle: £2.25
ISBN: 9957597523

Hello...It's me.

This book follows three families and their journey to see Adele in concert in Vienna, Italy. Meet Elias and Malika, Malika a young prostitute who Elias paid for her services. He fell in love with her, she talked of learning English and moving away to other places, finding love, marriage and having children. When Elias discovers that Malika is only thirteen he panics and leaves her, he returns to Rome and doesn't look back for eight years.

Then there is Nadia and Waleed, mother and son. At the beginning, Waleed is shot at Nadia's ex-husband's wedding. We're introduced to the customs and ways of the tribe. Including how they chose to deal with the shooting incident. 

Finally, we have Mariam and Yasek, a married couple both surgeons. They are having marriage problems and are seeking advice from a marriage counsellor who advises them to find a happy memory. Yasek buys tickets to Adele's concert as when he proposed to Mariam he was playing Adele's song. This just gives Miriam something else to start an argument about. 

Each chapter is named after an Adele song and at the end of each chapter, there is song lyrics from that song. 

I did enjoy how the book splits between the three families throughout each chapter. I found the characters to be well written. First off Elias and Malika. I found Malika's story a very sad one, her parents sold her as a prostitute at such a young age but also because she seemed so nieve about the whole thing by saying she was for sale she was just saving up so she could move away. I liked how Elias took her places and spent time with her rather than using her for sex, even before he found out her age. His reaction when he finds out her age is very compelling and you really feel for him cause he has fallen for her and she is just so young. 

Waiting eight years to go back to find her is so romantic and sweet without wanting to give too much away, its a sad ending for the pair when he does find her and it just goes to show that time changed everything. 

Nadia and Waleed, first of all, I found the name Waleed very strange but each to their own. When the boy was shot at the beginning of the book and you hear about the traditions and ways of the tribe and how they will handle the consequences of what happened and the police should not be involved. It made me mad, cause I know if I was a mother I would want blood so I can really see where she is coming from when she ignores them and calls the police anyway.

Nadia wants nothing more than to give her son a good life and all the love in the world despite his father, her ex-husband being the way he is. With her son loving Adele and his father agreeing to him going to see Adele in concert I was real happy for the pair of them. Again without giving too much away when it came down to it and she was going to go alone this changed my opinion of her, I thought her a bit selfish at the stage but she pulled it back and changed my mind back again. 

Miriam and Yasek the relationship between these two confuses me, I have never understood people who stay together when things clearly are not working. She is a very religious woman and he claims to be an atheist which I'm sure does not go hand in hand. Miriam is the type of character you don't like from the very start really, you feel sorry for Yasek, especially when he buys the Adele tickets t try to rekindle their romance and she just throws it back in his face. 

All in all, I gave this 3 Stars as I did enjoy it, I would recommend it to someone looking for a light-hearted, quick read, however, it is one I would recommend to borrow from the library rather than purchase as I don't think I would reread it. 

Book Club - Jaime Boust

Book Club - Jaime Boust

Title: Book Club
Author: Jaime Boust
First Published in the UK: 2016
Publisher: Press Publique
Pages: 156
Price on Amazon: Paperback £4.94 Kindle: £2.88
ISBN: 0692654380

A celebrity kidnapping, Shimmering frogs, Russian mobsters and the Karma Sutra.

Book Club, the clue is in the title what the book is about but there is so much more going on than just meeting up and discussing books. Five women in the book club each with their own problems. Ashleigh wants to get pregnant but her husband is cheating on her, Marissa hates her job and her boss is a dickhead, the founder of the book club wants to be a writer but can't find her story, Billie's a virgin and doesn't know whether she is straight or a lesbian and then theres Hope, new to the book club, the sister of Marissa and she's about to tell them all some home truths. 

Hope comes along and turns the book club upside down, She's determined to get everyone in the book club to where they need to be in life. Ashleigh away from her husband, Marissa out of her job, Billie knowing whether she is straight or gay and she's determined to get the founder of the book club to write all about it as her first book. 

Will everything go the way Hope plans? Can Hope sort these women out and get them to where they need to be in life?

When I first started the book I wasn't sure if I liked it or not, but I thought to myself it's not a very long book so I will continue with it. This book was funnily enough chosen as this month's read for my book club. The further I got into the book towards the middle the more I started to enjoy it. I found myself relating to the founder of the book club as I too founded my book club and I aspire to write, although I am not sure I am at the stage where I want to write my own book, I do love to write my blog and poetry. 

Towards the end, though I found the book got rather silly, I won't give any spoilers away but the whole kidnapping plot was just so unbelievable I found it actually ruined the book. 

This book is a quick read, perfect for a beach read or by the pool, a light and funny book. I am giving this book 3-Stars 

The 11:05 Murders

The 11:05 Murders -  
Title: The 11:05 Murders
Author: Brian O'Hare 
First Published in the UK: 2016
Publisher: Crimson Cloak
Pages: 378
Price on Amazon: Paperback £9.78 Kindle: £2.00

ISBN: 1681600722

A time for murder, Clock strikes 11:05 and so does murder. 

Murders occurring on consecutive Tuesdays at 11:05 pm, the victims linked from twelve years ago at university. A cufflink at each crime scene, a suicide victim from twelve years ago. An affair, A known criminal gone legit. Stalkers, Hit and runs. This book has it all. But how does it all fit together?

When the body of a man is found in his home, his throat slit and his penis cut off and placed in his mouth. The police begin to look into his life. With nothing to go on except a single cufflink from the crime scene, this is going to be a tricky one. 

The case continues and more evidence and clues come to light, with several suspects can the police catch the killer before he kills again?

I enjoyed this book, This is another of my read to review books. Although this is the second book in the series and I have not read the first I found it really good, I didn't feel like you needed to have read first one. 

I must admit at the beginning of books like this I like to make a guess as to who I think the killer is. Without giving away any spoilers, I didn't think the killer was who it turned out to be but I did think there was something funny about him, I didn't trust him and didn't like him as a character. So I was shocked to find he was the killer but I should trust my instincts in believing there was something funny about him. 

I enjoyed watching Stewart grow and come out of her shell as the book went on the more she realised that her new team was nothing like her previous team, I also enjoyed the love story building up between her and Tom. 

All in all, I enjoyed this book and shall be giving the series a go. I have given this book 4-stars.