The Ashes of London

The Ashes of London - Andrew Taylor 

Title:  The Ashes of London 
Author: Andrew Taylor 
First Published : 2016
Publisher: Harper Collins UK
Pages: 496
Price on Amazon: Paperback £6.29 Kindle £5.49
ISBN: 978000119096

Its London 1666, The great fire of London is roaring trough the city. When the fire reaches St Paul's Cathedral it is taken by the flames. Once the fire has passed a body is discovered this body however, is not a victim of the fire, this is murder. The body has been mutilated and his thumbs tied behind his back. 

Marwood is tasked with finding out who this man is and who killed him. His investigation leads him into dangerous waters and the further down the rabbit hole Marwood goes the more danger and secrets he discovers.

This book was chosen by my book club and i must admit when i first read the blurb i wasn't to impressed i didn't think i was going to enjoy it. I did however really enjoy it. I found it really grabbed my interest and kept me wanting to read more and more. I found myself really invested in the characters and what was going on in each of their lives. I gave this book a 5* rating on goodreads. I would very much recommend this book for anyone looking for a great historical, murder mystery novel. 


Undead and Unreturnable

Undead and Unreturnable - MaryJanice Davidson 

Title: Undead and Unreturnable
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
First Published in the UK: 2006
Publisher: Piatkus Books 
Pages: 222
Price on Amazon: Paperback £6.99 Kindle: £4.99

A wedding to plan, Ghosts with demands and the devils daughter as your half sister not to mention your the queen of the dead.

Betsy starts to feel like she adjusting to life as a vampire and as queen of the dead. Then she has her midnight and spring wedding to plan as she is finally marrying Sinclair. 

Betsy's half sister Laura is starting to show signs of inheriting her real mothers temper which considering her real mother is the devil is really not a good thing. Betsy is keeping her eye on Laura on top of everything else.

I did enjoy this book and i gave it 5* on goodreads however, i have decided not to continue reading the series right now as i was getting a little bored. I read this book in a single afternoon as well. I haven't given up on the series all together but i am just taking a break from the series for now. 

Undead And Unreturnable: Number 4 in series (Undead Series) by [Davidson, MaryJanice]

Undead and Unappreciated

Undead and Unappreciated - MaryJanice Davidson 

Title: Undead and Unappreciated
Author: MaryJanice Davidson 
First Published in the UK: 2006
Publisher: Piatkus Books Ltd
Pages: 193
Price on Amazon: Paperback £7.99 Kindle: £4.99
ISBN: 0-7499-3647-9

Queen of the dead with a sister who's Satan's daughter.

Were back with Betsy, Queen off all the dead. Its time for Betsy's stepmothers baby shower with things still not good between Betsy and her father and stepmother things are set to get worse when its let slip that Betsy has a half sister not so bad right? Wrong... this is no ordinary half sister this is the daughter of the devil who is said to meant to take over the world. This is the last thing Betsy needs, she's still trying to sort out her club Scratch after she killed the previous owner and inherited the place. The staff all hate her and the club is failing. What else could go wrong.

I enjoyed this book i gave it 5* on goodreads, I like the new character of Laura, Betsy's half sister and i find her background considering her foretold future to be hilarious. Really humorous throughout and well written. Read it in a single afternoon. 

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Back from Holiday

Hey guys,

Well i'm back from my holidays took a bit of extra time off, I've read a couple of books while i was off so i shall crack straight on now and get my reviews up for you all.

Can't wait to get back to my book club next week and find out what our next read is. Really enjoyed the last one The Ashes of London, which of course i shall be doing a review for. 

So without further ado i shall get on with it.