Author of the week - Kelley Armstrong

                                                               Kelley Armstrong

Name: Kelley Armstrong
Age: 48
Nationality: Canadian
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Crime, Romance

Kelley Armstrong is a novelist who primarily writes fantasy novels. To date she has written twenty-one novels over several series. Her women of the otherworld series consists of thirteen books so far. The Cainsville series has four books. There are six books in The darkest powers series, which is three under the darkest powers and two under the darkness rising.  There is a single book in the age of legends series. Kelley has also cowritten three books with Melissa Marr in the Blackwell pages trilogy.
Along side her otherworld series she has also written several short stories and novellas. Some of these are available on her website.
Kelley Armstrong's books have a contemporary fantasy subgenre and a fantasy genre. All her books have a romantic elements within them.
Her books include all types of supernatural creatures such as vampires, necromancers, werewolves, witches ect.
Her writing is similar to authors such as Charline Harris and Laurell K Hamilton.


Hey guys,

I've been doing some research on how to make my book reviews better. So the next review which will be of Mary Portas's Shop Girl will be much better then previous ones.

Also I will be doing a author of the week post as an appreciation and admiration to my favorite authors. If there is an author you would like me to do a shout out to, comment in the comments section.

I would like to thank everyone who reads my blog and welcome any newcomers x

Currently Reading

                                                    Currently Reading

I am now currently reading shop girl by Mary Portas  as part of my book club. So far I an really enjoying it. Its not a book I would of chosen to read normally but I am really enjoying it. Will post a review once I've finished.

Any recommendations comment in the comment section x

Alfie the doorstep cat

                                                 Alfie the doorstep cat

Alfie is abandoned and alone after his elderly owner dies. Having been a lap cat his whole life Alfie struggles with life on the streets until he comes across Edger Road. Having decided he can't trust having only one family anymore. Alfie decides to have several families. The story follows Alfie and how he changes the lives of all his families, bringing them all together and fixing their lives.


I gave this book  5* on goodreads once I started I couldn't put it down. A great heartwarming book. Four families each with their own problems and struggles and Alfie manages to fix them all and makes the lives of all the families better.  The beginning of the book where Alfie struggles with life on the streets is really moving and makes you really feel for Alfie. It makes you feel even more happier for him when he gets his happy ending would very much recommend for anyone looking for a great light read.