Comic and graffic novel appreciation

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I've been thinking about doing a piece about comic books and graffic novels. Along with books I have a great passion for all things comic. I'm currently in the process of collecting The Walking Dead series of graffic novels. I'm sure many of you are enjoying the TV show, if you then i would suggest giving the graffic novels ago. I get all my comics and graffic novels from this one shop in Mansfield, Nottingham called  Ground Zero Comics. Head on over to 
The shop is at 9 toothill lane, Mansfield. The guy who runs the shop is a great guy, if he doesn't have what your looking  for then he will order it in for you.

I have given this guy and his shop a 5* rating on Facebook and so has all my family and friends that have been, never met anyone with a bad word to say.

Love comics or graffic novels? Want to suggest some to me then hit the comment section or use the contact form to the right x

So what is World Book Day??

This year is the 20th year World Book Day is being celebrated but what is it?? World book day is a day when children all over the UK and Ireland come together to celebrate the love and joy of reading. Children get dressed up as their favorite book character. 

Thanks to the national book tokens ltd, publishers and booksellers millions of book vouchers are sent to children under the age of 18. About 15 million children, using these tokens the child can then buy a book of their choice. This encourages children to find an appreciation for reading and can come to love being transported to other world's. 

I remember world book day when I was a child, we would get to go to the hall with our book token and look through all the books on offer and choose the one we wanted. For me this was the best day of the year. I picked my first book up as a small child and I never stopped reading. By the age of 10 I had read all the books in the library in my age section and had to have a note from my mother to say I was allowed in the young adult section by 13 I needed another note to say I was now allowed in the adult section. By 15 I'd moved onto a bigger library more books and was in my element. I owned more books than anything else. I had special circumstances on my library card so I could take out 24 books instead of the 12 that you could normally only take out. I'd become great friends with the local book store owner and would spend hours in his shop called the treasure chest, it was a mile long store and I could of moved in given the chance. As I got older I found a love for comic books and graffic novels aswell as books. So this is my story and how I found my love for books. Got a story of your own I'd love to hear it. Comment below x 

World Book Day

So today is world book day, what an amazing day. A great way to encourage kids to read more and find there love of books. I know a lot of schools are having the children dress up today as their favorite character, I'd love to see what your kids have chosen and why they love that character so much so please upload your pics in the comments section. 

Writing Blogs and Audience Building One-Day Writers Workshop

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Been thinking about starting your own blog? Don't know where to start? Worry not Waterstones in Nottingham are hosting an event for people looking to start writing their own blog, whether your just looking for inspiration, wanting to get back into the swing of writing or are new to whole concept of blog writing then this course is for you. This course covers all the essentials, from drumming up readers to catching the eyes of publishers. 

This event is being hosted on Saturday 18th March 10am-16.00 for the amazing price of only £55 head on over to or call 0115 9470069 to book your ticket now 


The Perfect Murder - Crime Writers Crash Course

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Well they say everyone has at least one book in them, want to see if yours is a crime novel? Then head on over to Waterstones in Nottingham on Saturday April 22nd at 10am till 16.30. 

This event is hosted by former senior police Detective Stuart Gibson in the morning who will be giving a workshop about what happens from when a body is discovered right up to finding a suspect. Including crime scene analysis, suspect enquires, forensic evidence and how the police custody procedure works. 

The afternoon session is run by none other than crime novelist Stephen Booth who will be giving details on how to form and round your novel and create multi-dimensional characters. He will also discuss the importance of clear objectives and credible motives and motivations to be able to produce a great plot for your very own crime novel.

Think this sounds as amazing as i do?? Then head on over to or call 0115 9470069 and buy your tickets now for the incredible price of £65 i know i am. 

Bilsthorpe Bookworms

So my bookclub met last night and we have selected our next read, A Day in the life of Ivan Denisovich by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Only a few pages in at the min but once I'm finished I will of course write my review x

No Kiss Goodbye By Janelle Harris

                                                                No Kiss Goodbye 


Kids change your life, they said. 
Things will never be the same again, they said. 
Isn't it wonderful, they said. 
But no one knows what to say now. 

My husband wants to take the kids. 
My husband thinks the accident was my fault. 
My husband thinks I need help. 

But I think he wants rid of me. 


This book threw me into a complete emotional rollacoaster, at first I had no idea what had happened to Laura she had obviously been in a terrible accident and everyone in her life was walking on eggshells around her, her memory was terribly effected by the accident. The plot leads you down one path then throws you onto a completely different one. I did not see the end coming. I really felt for laura I hated her husband and Nicole for trying to kill her after such a traumatic incident had already happened, keeping her kids from her. I thought her friends were so brave running away to new york with her only then to have the whole plot turned upside down and everything I thought I knew to be true to be completely wrong. A really fantastic 5* psychological thriller. Would seriously recommend for anyone looking for there next great read but be prepared cause once you start you won't stop and everything else will be put on hold.