The Chalk Man by C J Tudor

The Chalk Man by C J Tudor

Title: The Chalk Man
Author: C J Tudor
First Published: January 18
Publisher: Micheal Joseph 
Page: 352
Price on Amazon: Hardback: £10.52 Kindle: £4.99
ISBN: 0718187431

Five friends, chalk drawings, murder and alot of unanswered questions. 

Back in 1986 when Ed was a young boy, terrible things happened, nobody can agree when it first started but Ed is determined to find the truth and put an end to it all once and for all after all these years, things start making Ed question everything.

Back in 1986 Eddy as he was known back then and his friends went to the fair for the first time by thereselves and it would be unforgettable. When a tragic accident changes everyones lives, things will never be the same again. 

I got this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. When I first started reading this book I was unsure as to whether I was going to like it or not however, I found myself unable to put it down, desperate to turn the oafe and find out what happens next. The book switches between the present day and 1986, now normally I find this to be off putting but this book was written so well that the two timelines interlinked so well and joined perfectly that it just added to the suspece and hunger for more that as a reader you are always hoping for in a great book. 

I found the plot to be really good and easy to follow. I really enjoyed the story. I found myself completly engrossed in the story which unfortunatly got me into trouble with the wife as I was not listening and was too caught up in the book. 

I enjoyed the development of the characters and seeing how different they had become as adults from when they were children. We'd all like to think we stay the same but we do change and it is not always for the best as shown in the book. 

So I would like to give this book four out of five stars. I would deffinatly recommend this book to anyone looking for a great read and I would certainly read it again in the future. 

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