Bricked in Max Wannow

Bricked In by Max Wannow 

Title: Bricked In
Author: Max Wannow
First Published: October 2017
Publishers: CreateSpace Independant Publishing Platform
Pages: 254
Price on Amazon: Paperback: £8.17 Kindle: £3.02
ISBN: 197823633

I was contacted by the author of this book Max Wannow and asked if i could read this book and give an honest review. So here it goes. As always my reviews are my personal opinion which I have a right to voice and I do not write what people tell me to write, I only write honest reviews. 

Bricked in follows the life of a former gypsy women who wins the lottery. Deciding to create a distopian kingdom in which she is the queen and her daughter is the princess, this kingdom does not follow normal rules or social norms. With people joining the kindom and it expanding what will happen?

First of all I want to say I found this book ver hard going. Personally I think it is not for me. I found the plot to be a bit all over the place in parts and for the first time in a long time I found I did not like any of the characters in the story. 

This book is written in a very unusal and different way compared to other distopian novels and touches on taboo subjects which some readers may find difficult to read. So i'm not going to say don't read this book, I am simply saying it is not for me as I personally didn't enjoy it and wouldn't read it again. 

I have chosen to give this book a single star out of five stars. 

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