A Murder for the Books

A Murder for the Books

Title: A Murder for the Books
Author: Victoria Gilbert
First Published: Dec 2017
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books

I got this book as an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This book follows Amy Webber, after a bad break-up Amy moves in with her aunt in an old historic town in the mountains of Virginia. After getting a job running the local library, life seems to be getting back on track for Amy. 
Suddenly a handsome stranger called Richard Muir moves in after inheriting the house next door from his great-uncle. Richard is a dancer and choreographer and it is not long until Amy catches his eyes. 
All of a sudden murders are happening in this quiet little town. Amy and Richard find themselves right in the middle of it all. Can they get out all in one piece?
I found this book really good. I very much enjoyed it. I particularly enjoyed reading how Amy and Richards's relationship grew and how Amy slowly put down her walls and let someone in. I found the plot easy to follow and it kept me interested throughout. 
This book kept me guessing throughout as to whom the killer was when the killer was finally revealed I found I was only partially right in guessing who the killer was. This is book is the first in a series called The Blue Ridge Library Mysteries and I must say I am looking forward to what is coming up next. 
I have chosen to give this book four out of five stars. 

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