The Mistake

The Mistake by K.L.Slater 

Title: The Mistake
Author: K.L.Slater
Published: October 17
Publisher: Bookouture
Price on Amazon: Kindle: £1.99

Even after sixteen years the past catches up with you.

Sixteen years ago Rose's little brother Billy was killed and Rose can't stop blaming herself for his death. Sixteen years later Rose is working in her local library, living in her childhood home. She thinks she knows her neighbours, she has lived next to them her whole life, visted them over and over. But how well can you really know someone?

When her neighbour's wife dies, Rose steps in to help him out, collecting his shopping, stopping by to visit him. One day when Rose pops by she finds her neighbour collapsed on the floor. After phoning for an ambulance, he gets taken to hospital, leaving with a message to Rose telling her not to go upstairs. Deciding to do somthing nice for his return Rose sets out to tidy his house for him, ignoring his warning to not go upstairs. 

Soon Rose is thrown back sixteen years as secrets arise and Rose is left wondering if she really knew her neighbour at all. Who killed BIlly sixteen years ago and can Rose finally forgive herself. 

i got this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. When I read the blurb for this book I thought it sounded really good however, i found I was about thirty chapters in and nothing had happened yet, this book was extreemly slow and I found I just got bored and gave up. 

I would not recomend this book and I shall not be rereading this book therefore I have chosen to give it a single star. 
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