The Marriage Pact

                                                                                   The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond
Title: The Marriage Pact
Author: Michelle Richmond
First Published: 2017
Publishers: Penguin UK
Pages: 253
ISBN: 9780385343299

  Till death do us part there is no other option with the pact.

The marriage pact. This book follows Alice and Jake as they start out as newly weds. When Alice invites Finnegan a big client from her law firm to her wedding she doesn't expect him to actually come however, he does. With him he bring a present a box. Alice and Jake are told not to open this box until they are back off there honeymoon which they do. Once back of their honeymoon things start to get strange where the box is concerned. A call from Finnegan saying he is sending someone round to explain about the box and about the pact. Soon Vivian arrives, she explains the pact is a group of married couples who all follow rules and regulations set out by the pact in order to live and have a successful and loving marriage. She explains there is a manual they will both be required to read and learn. There are rules and there are consequences for breaking the rules. Interested both Alice and Jake sin the contract and join the pact. Little do they know things are going to get sinister from here onwards.

With monitoring bracelets and prison sentences ahead will the pact make Alice and Jakes marriage stronger? Can they survive what is going to be thrown at them?

When i started reading this book i was interested to see if by following all these rules peoples marriages were lasting longer and better. i must admit i do like some of the ideas put across for example buying each other a gift once a month and the panning of the trips away and making  time for each other, always being home for dinner. I do think these things are important and although in my own marriage we have a lot of these things in place as it is it has reminded me we do need to make more time for each other and we do need to treat each other more often, like in our early years when we'd buy each other flowers and balloon's etc as the years have gone on this has stopped so it has made me think about my own marriage and how i can make it better and ensure it lasts for many many years to come.

So this book really gets you thinking and evaluating your own life. of course don't get me wrong I'm not suggesting we send my wife off to jail cause she's  late home or because she doesn't buy me flowers.  That bit of the book i found to be well the length the pact will go to to punish people is just beyond insane.  It made for excellent reading though. i really enjoyed this book. I found it to be well written and i found the characters to be really good. i enjoyed seeing how Jake grew throughout the book at the beginning the stated he married Alice so that he could keep her,it sounded so much like a possesion thing. But towards the end of the book he realised just how much he loves her and that he would do anything for her. I Feel Alice grew as a person too She grew up, at the beginning of the book i found her to be slightly immature and child like but as the book went on and i think the further into the pact she went the more mature she got.

All in all i shall give this book 4 out of 5 stars as i really enjoyed it, i would recommend it to other people and i would certainly reread it and any others that may follow on from it.

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