Being A Witch And Other Things I Didn't Ask For

               Being A Witch And Other Things I Didn't Ask For by Sara Pascoe    

Title: Being A Witch And Other Things I Didn't Ask For
Author: Sara Pascoe
First Published: 2017
Publisher: Trindle's and Green Ltd
Pages: 380
Price on Amazon: Paperback: £11.99 Kindle: £2.29
ISBN: 0993574734
Hearing the cat talk to you inside your head can only mean one thing right?
Raya is a fourteen-year-old girl living in foster care who decides to run away and live on her own, she takes off to London after a shaky start and her fake ID in hand she finds herself a job in a cafe and a place to stay in the bedroom above the cafe. Raya discovers she's a witch which is a relief after thinking she is going mad and has developed schizophrenia like her mother. This book follows Raya and her cat Oscar on their adventures through time. With Raya still learning to control her powers she accidentally transports herself and Oscar back in time to the witch trials. Can Raya escape before she is tried for being a witch and put to hang? Raya also finds herself transporting herself, Oscar and her social worker to Istanbul where she finds herself in trouble yet again, This time Raya changes history and not in a good way. Can Raya get herself and her friends back home to their time before its too late?
This is a young adult book I would say aimed at 12-16-year-olds. As I am almost 27 I am out of its intended age range. I did enjoy the book, it had well thought out characters and plots. I found it to be a little too fast paced though, everything seemed to happen very quickly without much build up. Still, a very enjoyable light read for anyone looking for a quick and lighthearted read. Although I won't be in a hurry to pick this book up and read I again, i am glad I read it as like I said i did enjoy it and it took me just a day to read, I would recommend this book to those in its intended age range.
I have chosen to give this book 3 out of 5 stars.
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