The 11:05 Murders

The 11:05 Murders -  
Title: The 11:05 Murders
Author: Brian O'Hare 
First Published in the UK: 2016
Publisher: Crimson Cloak
Pages: 378
Price on Amazon: Paperback £9.78 Kindle: £2.00

ISBN: 1681600722

A time for murder, Clock strikes 11:05 and so does murder. 

Murders occurring on consecutive Tuesdays at 11:05 pm, the victims linked from twelve years ago at university. A cufflink at each crime scene, a suicide victim from twelve years ago. An affair, A known criminal gone legit. Stalkers, Hit and runs. This book has it all. But how does it all fit together?

When the body of a man is found in his home, his throat slit and his penis cut off and placed in his mouth. The police begin to look into his life. With nothing to go on except a single cufflink from the crime scene, this is going to be a tricky one. 

The case continues and more evidence and clues come to light, with several suspects can the police catch the killer before he kills again?

I enjoyed this book, This is another of my read to review books. Although this is the second book in the series and I have not read the first I found it really good, I didn't feel like you needed to have read first one. 

I must admit at the beginning of books like this I like to make a guess as to who I think the killer is. Without giving away any spoilers, I didn't think the killer was who it turned out to be but I did think there was something funny about him, I didn't trust him and didn't like him as a character. So I was shocked to find he was the killer but I should trust my instincts in believing there was something funny about him. 

I enjoyed watching Stewart grow and come out of her shell as the book went on the more she realised that her new team was nothing like her previous team, I also enjoyed the love story building up between her and Tom. 

All in all, I enjoyed this book and shall be giving the series a go. I have given this book 4-stars. 

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