Undead and Unemployed

Undead and Unemployed - MaryJanice Davidson

Title: Undead and Unemployed
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
First Published in the UK: 2006
Publisher: Piatkus Books
Pages: 213
Price on Amazon: Paperback £7.99 Kindle: £4.99
ISBN: 978-0-7499-3646-4

Dead and queen of the vampires but that doesn't mean Betsy doesn't still gave bills to pay and shoes to buy... Time to get a new job. 

After defeating Nostro and finding out she had been tricked into making love to Sinclair making him king along side her, Betsy is not impressed. Soon though she has more pressing matters to attend to like finding a job, a vampire killer on the loose, termites eating her house and her best friend Jessica insisting they live in a rediculously large and expensive mansion. 

Soon Betsy and her group are tracking down the group killing vampires and Betsy soon s herself in danger yet again. Can she escape this time with her undead life. 

Really enjoyed this book. I love Betsy she's so funny with her cracks and one liners. I love the relationship growing between her and Sinclair made even better by the fact she won't admit it. 

5* on goodreads and cannot wait to get onto the third book. Deffo a book I would recomend for  someone looking for a different take on a vampire story. 

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