The Hostile Hospital - A Series of Unfortunate Events

The Hostile Hospital - A Series of Unfortunate Events

Title: The Hostile Hospital - A Series of Unfortunate Events
Author: Lemony Snicket 
First Published in the UK: 2003
Publisher: Egmont Books Limited 
Pages: 255
Price on Amazon: Paperback £6.99 Kindle: £5.99
ISBN: 1-4052-0612-8

The plot thickens even more when the Baudelaire's see someone they thought they'd never see again. 

Well eight books in a life for the poor Baudelaire children has not gotten any better, in fact it only gets worse. Accused of murder, on the run and all alone Violet, Klaus and Sunny are in a world of trouble. After escaping from the vile village and walking for hours they come across the last chance shop it is here in this shop they learn of a group of volunteers called Volunteers Fighting Disease V.F.D could this be the V.F.D there looking for? After all Jacques had said he was a volunteer before he was murdered and the Quagmire triplets shouted volunteer but they were separated from the Baudelaire's. In need of an escape and looking for answers the three orphans jump in the van of the V.F.D to find out there going to Heimlich Hospital to volunteer cheering up patient by singing and handing out heart balloons. 

The Baudelaire's learn the hospital has a library of records room and hope that by volunteering to work there they can find the answers there looking for however, what they find is something they never dreamed of and someone they never thought they would see again. 

Of course Count Olaf and his team of associates are never far away and have hatched a plan to kill two of the children and kidnap one enable to steal their fortune. Violet is captured and Olaf has a terrible plan for. Can Klaus and Sunny save her time? Will they survive Olaf's most evil and cunning plan so far?

Well what can i say that i haven't already said about the previous books, i am just loving them. I was a little disappointed there was no mention on the Quagmire triplets, i hope they come up in the next book as i want to know how there getting on as much as i do about the three Baudelaire's. Again i am glad Mr Poe had no part really, although i find myself annoyed how he ignored the children's telegram which is just rude and well to be honest i don't expect much else from him lets face it he is as useful as chocolate fire guard on a summers day. 

I did enjoy how Klaus and Sunny got to use disguises and trick Olaf's associates and other people within the hospital. Its a bit of sweet revenge really getting there own back for all the times they have used disguises to infiltrate themselves into the children's lives. 

I am going to start book nine straight away even though it is now 2.30am but like i said in my previous post insomnia is currently driving me crazy and these books are the only thing keeping me sane. I have given this book 5* on goodreads. But again i would of given it more had there been a higher rating.

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