The Ersatz Elevator - A Series of Unfortunate Events

The Ersatz Elevator - A Series of Unfortunate Events

Title: The Ersatz Elevator - A Series of Unfortunate Events
Author: Lemony Snicket 
First Published in the UK: 2002
Publisher: Egmont Books Limited 
Pages: 259
Price on Amazon: Paperback £5.99 Kindle: £5.99

Do you know what is in and what is out at the moment? Well elevators are out and stairs are in and Dark is in and Light is out. 

Well now we are on the sixth book and i am sad to say things have not gotten any better for the three Baudelaire orphans. Violet, Klaus and Sunny are now being left in the care of one of their mothers old friends Jerome and his wife Esme. Jerome is nice enough man and treats the children well but Esme is very wealthy and has a job of high importance, she is only interested in having the 'in things' which apparently is now orphans which is why she agreed to having the children stay with them. One night Esme informs Jerome he is to take the children out to dinner and she has made a reservation for them as she is having an auctioneer over to help her plan her In Auction, an action selling all thing 'In' however, when the auctioneer arrives and introduces himself as Gunther the three children realise instantly who he is and that he is not in fact Gunther but is actually Count Olaf. 

Alas the children are at a loss, Olaf has found them again and they have no idea what his plan is this time. He also still has the Quagmire triplets who the Baudelaire's are very worried about. So the Baudelaire's set out trying to discover Olaf's plan and in the process they find something else. Can they save themselves and there friends in time? Can they get anyone to believe the true identity of Gunther or will they have the same problems as they have had in the past?

I am seriously enjoying this series, i really am. I'm finding i can't put the books down, all i have done for the last 24 hours is read these books. I can officially say i am hooked. I find myself getting really hooked on the characters and getting emotionally involved, i find myself rooting for the good guys and hating the bad guys. These books really keep you hooked and makes you want to keep turning pages. The story has left it open about what V.F.D is and that in itself makes you want to keep reading just to find out what the V.F.D stands for and what the Quagmires found out about it and about Olaf. I also can't wait to find out what has happened to the Quagmires.

In conclusion i have also given this book 5* along with all the others in the series. I would very much recommend to anyone looking for a good read but be warned don't start reading if you have lots of chores and things that need doing or work as these things will not get done and you will miss work. 

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