Spike After the Fall Volume One

Spike After the Fall Volume One

Title: Spike After the Fall Volume One
Written By: Brian Lynch
Art By: Franco Urru
Publisher and Date: IDW Publishing 2010 
Original Series Edits: Chris Ryall
Collection Edits: Justin Eisinger
Price on Amazon: Hardback: £9.19 Kindle: £3.19

Another battle to the death. Then Retirement, That didn't go to plan. 

After the fallout from Wolfram and Heart the whole of LA got sucked into hell. With demons running wild in the streets off LA. Spike starts helping people to survive. With more and more demons appearing it looks like Spike may have another battle to the death Can he survive this  one?

I enjoyed this graphic novel, unlike others i did find this one a little hard to follow. The art work is amazing, with such intricate detail. I gave this 4* on goodreads. I'm not sure if i will continue to on to read volume two but having been and Buffy and Angel fan since i was a child i will be reading other graphic novels in the series. 

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