Shop Girl - Mary Portas

                                                    Shop Girl - Mary Portas

Title: Shop Girl
Author: Mary Portas
First published in the UK: 2015 
Publisher: Doubleday
Edition: Black Swan Edition published in 2016
Pages: 275
Price on Amazon, Paperback: £7.99, Kindle: £4.99
ISBN: 9781784160319

Mary Portas queen of shops tells her life story with lighthearted humour. 

Mary Portas was born into an Irish catholic family living in Watford. Mary was not your average catholic schoolgirl however, always in trouble, eating dog food for a bet. The book begins with Mary as a young girl visiting a shop with her father, the book follows Mary's life and all her struggles. We see Mary grow up, leave school and head off to college. Soon after Mary's mother passes away and Mary has to take charge of the family, this inspirational story shows how a young girl grows up very quickly when she has to suddenly take care of her family. Soon Mary's father is remarrying and leaving the children behind once again Mary is forced to fend for herself. We see her get herself a job working at Harrods dressing windows, she take to this like a duck to water. Portas also writes about her first kiss, her heartbreak when her fiance broke up with her and the day she met her husband. She also talks about her own cluelessness to being gay saying “Am I in love with Kate Jackson? I wonder, as I fold my hair into the Babyliss. And if I am, then does it mean I’m a Lebanese?” later in life portas is in a happy same sex relationship. 

I gave this book 4* on goodreads. I really enjoyed this book. I'm not normally one or memoirs but this book was one of the selection for my book club, Bilsthorpe Bookworms. I would of given this book 5* but i found that the book jumped a lot which i found to be slightly off putting. This book had lots of little chapters rather than the usual set amount of long chapter However, the story is an inspirational one and touched me. It is defiantly a book i would recommend for anyone looking for a good read and i would certainly read it again. 

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