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So whats going to happen now? Well my book club has chosen its next book which is The Ashes of London by Andrew Taylor. So i shall be reading that over the next few days so keep your eye out for that review of course.

For my own personal reading choice i have chosen to reread the Undead series by MaryJanice Davidson. The first book being Undead and Unwed. I really enjoyed this series last time i read it which was several years ago now and it has been in my library collecting dust so i think its about time to dust it off and give it another read. 

I also have a book on the go which i call my downstairs book, this is a book i keep downstairs for when my wife puts something boring on the telly and i can take to my book to hide from her terrible telly choices. At the moment this books is The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making. This is the first book in the Fairyland series. Having been terribly unwell and stuck in bed for the last week i must admit i am not far in this book i am only 5% into this book. 

As always any book recommendation you have please let me know either in the comment section or in the book recommendation form on the main page.

I have also added links on the home page to my goodreads account if you are on goodreads yourself and wish to add me and i have also added a link to my bookclub page on facebook if anyone is in our area and interested in joining. 

Happy reading and Have a good Easter. 

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