Author of the Week #3 - Charlaine Harris

Author of the Week #3 - Charlaine Harris 

Name: Charlaine Harris 
Age: 65
Nationality: American 
Genres: Mystery, Supernatural, 

Charlaine Harris started off writing mystery fictions. In 1990 she won a nomination for the Agatha Reward for her Aurora Teagarden, Real Murders book. In 1996 Harris released her first novel in the Shakespeare series a series features a women detective names Lilly Bard living in rural Arkansas. Harris herself comes from a small town in Arkansas. She finished this series in 2001 with the fifth book and a short stories. 

After the Shakespeare series Harris wrote The Southern Vampire Mysteries. This series become extremely popular and was soon made into a TV series known as True Blood. The series follows a telepathic waitress and has many supernatural creatures in it. This series contains thirteen books and several short stories. 

In 2005 Harris debuted with her Harper Connelly mysteries series following a girl who was struck by lightening and is then able to locate dead bodies and witness there final moments through their eyes. This series has also been optioned to be made into a TV show names Grave Sight.

Harris also Wrote a graphic novel series named Cemetery Girl series, co-written with Christopher Golden and illustrated by Don Kramer. 

A full list of all of Charlaine Harris's published works.

Aurora Teagarden Series

  1. Real Murders (1990) 
  2. A Bone to Pick (1992) 
  3. Three Bedrooms, One Corpse (1994) 
  4. The Julius House (1995)
  5. Dead Over Heels (1996) 
    • "Deeply Dead" in Murder, They Wrote (1997) 
  6. A Fool And His Honey (1999) 
  7. Last Scene Alive (2002) 
  8. Poppy Done to Death (2003) 
  9. All the Little Liars (2016) 

Lily Bard (Shakespeare) Series (series ended in 2001)

  1. Shakespeare's Landlord (1996) 
  2. Shakespeare's Champion (1997) 
  3. Shakespeare's Christmas (1998) 
  4. Shakespeare's Trollop (2000)
  5. Shakespeare's Counselor (2001) 
    • "Dead Giveaway" published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine (December 2001)

Sookie Stackhouse (Southern Vampire) Series (series ended in 2013)

 The Southern Vampire Mysteries

  1. Dead Until Dark (May 2001) 
  2. Living Dead in Dallas (March 2002) 
  3. Club Dead (May 2003) 
  4. Dead to the World (May 2004) 
    • "Fairy Dust" in Powers of Detection (October 2004)and in "A Touch of Dead" (October 2009) 
    • "Dracula Night" in Many Bloody Returns (September 2007) and in "A Touch of Dead" (October 2009) 
    • "Dancers in the Dark" a novella in Night's Edge (October 2004); 
  5. Dead as a Doornail (May 2005)
    • "One Word Answer" in Bite (December 2005) and in "A Touch of Dead" (October 2009)
  6. Definitely Dead (May 2006)
    • "Tacky" in My Big, Fat Supernatural Wedding (October 2006)—a Dahlia short story
  7. All Together Dead (May 2007) 
    • "Lucky" in Unusual Suspects 
  8. From Dead to Worse (May 2008) 
    • "Gift Wrap" in Wolfsbane and Mistletoe (October 2008) and in "A Touch of Dead" (October 2009)
    • "Bacon" in Strange Brew (July 2009)
  9. Dead and Gone (May 2009) 
    • "The Britlingens Go to Hell" in Must Love Hellhounds (September 2009)
    • "Dahlia Underground" in Crimes by Moonlight (April 2010)
    •  Dead; a Dahlia short story
  10. Dead in the Family (May 2010)
    • "Two Blondes" in Death's Excellent Vacation (August 2010)
    • "Small-Town Wedding" a novella in The Sookie Stackhouse Companion (August 2011)
    • "A Very Vampire Christmas" in Glamour Magazine (December 2010)—a Dahlia short story
    • "Dying for Daylight" (February 2011)
  11. Dead Reckoning (May 2011)
    • "Death by Dahlia" in Down These Strange Streets (October/November 2011)—a Dahlia short story
  12. Deadlocked (May 2012)
    • "If I Had a Hammer" in Home Improvement: Undead Edition (August 2011)
    • "Playing Possum" in An Apple for the Creature (September 2012)
  13. Dead Ever After (May 2013)
    • The final Sookie Stackhouse novel
  14. After Dead: What Came Next in the World of Sookie Stackhouse (October 29, 2013)
  15. Dead But Not Forgotten: Stories from the World of Sookie Stackhouse (November 25, 2014)

Harper Connelly Series (series ended in 2009)

  1. Grave Sight (2005) 
  2. Grave Surprise (2006) 
  3. An Ice Cold Grave (2007) 
  4. Grave Secret (2009)

Cemetery Girl Series (with Christopher Golden)

  1. Book One: The Pretenders (2014) 

Midnight, Texas trilogy

  1. Midnight Crossroad (May 2014)
  2. Day Shift (May 2015)
  3. Night Shift (May 2016)


  • Sweet and Deadly (1981) republished in UK as Dead Dog
  • A Secret Rage (1984) 
  • "An Evening with Al Gore" in Blood Lite (October 2008) 
  • Blood Lite (2008) 
  • Delta Blues (2010) 

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