Author of the week #2 Maria V Snyder

                                          Maria V Snyder

Name: Maria V Snyder
Nationality: American 
Genre's: Fantasy, Short Stories

Maria V Snyder is an American fantasy author, her first book was published in October 2005. Maria originally wanted to be a meteorologist she even earned her bachelor of science degree in meteorology. Maria worked as an environmental meteorologist until boredom took over and she had her children. Maria enjoyed writing much more than she did meteorology and soon went back to college to earn her masters of Arts degree in fictional writing. Maria's love for writing hasn't stopped with her books, she is now a teacher and mentor with Seton Hill's MFA's programme. 
Maria's Books:
Chronicles of Ixia
  • Poison Study (2005)
  • Magic Study (2006)
  • Fire Study (2008)

Glass series

  • Storm Glass (2009)
  • Sea Glass (September 2009)
  • Spy Glass (September 2010)

Soulfinder series

  • Shadow Study (2015) 
  • Night Study (2016)
  • Dawn Study (2017)

Insider Series

  • Inside Out (2010)
  • Outside In (2011)
  • Inside (Collection of both novels in one book)

Healer Series
  • Touch of Power (2011)
  • Scent of Magic (2012)
  • Taste of Darkness (2013)

Short stories
  • Godzilla Warfare, a short story in No Man's Land, Dark Quest Books, 2011
  • Sword Point, a short story in The Eternal Kiss (2009)
  • Assassin Study (2009) ( Online) [Study series #1.5] 
  • Power Study (2008) (Online) [Study series #3.5] 
  • Ice Study (2010) (Online) [Study series #3.6] 
  • E-Time (Online)
  • The Wizard's Daily Horoscope Black Gate Magazine Issue 11 (Summer 2007) (Online)
  • Protect the Children Eye Contact Seton Hill University's literary arts magazine (Online)


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