The Perfect Murder - Crime Writers Crash Course

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Well they say everyone has at least one book in them, want to see if yours is a crime novel? Then head on over to Waterstones in Nottingham on Saturday April 22nd at 10am till 16.30. 

This event is hosted by former senior police Detective Stuart Gibson in the morning who will be giving a workshop about what happens from when a body is discovered right up to finding a suspect. Including crime scene analysis, suspect enquires, forensic evidence and how the police custody procedure works. 

The afternoon session is run by none other than crime novelist Stephen Booth who will be giving details on how to form and round your novel and create multi-dimensional characters. He will also discuss the importance of clear objectives and credible motives and motivations to be able to produce a great plot for your very own crime novel.

Think this sounds as amazing as i do?? Then head on over to or call 0115 9470069 and buy your tickets now for the incredible price of £65 i know i am. 

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