So what is World Book Day??

This year is the 20th year World Book Day is being celebrated but what is it?? World book day is a day when children all over the UK and Ireland come together to celebrate the love and joy of reading. Children get dressed up as their favorite book character. 

Thanks to the national book tokens ltd, publishers and booksellers millions of book vouchers are sent to children under the age of 18. About 15 million children, using these tokens the child can then buy a book of their choice. This encourages children to find an appreciation for reading and can come to love being transported to other world's. 

I remember world book day when I was a child, we would get to go to the hall with our book token and look through all the books on offer and choose the one we wanted. For me this was the best day of the year. I picked my first book up as a small child and I never stopped reading. By the age of 10 I had read all the books in the library in my age section and had to have a note from my mother to say I was allowed in the young adult section by 13 I needed another note to say I was now allowed in the adult section. By 15 I'd moved onto a bigger library more books and was in my element. I owned more books than anything else. I had special circumstances on my library card so I could take out 24 books instead of the 12 that you could normally only take out. I'd become great friends with the local book store owner and would spend hours in his shop called the treasure chest, it was a mile long store and I could of moved in given the chance. As I got older I found a love for comic books and graffic novels aswell as books. So this is my story and how I found my love for books. Got a story of your own I'd love to hear it. Comment below x 

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