No Kiss Goodbye By Janelle Harris

                                                                No Kiss Goodbye 


Kids change your life, they said. 
Things will never be the same again, they said. 
Isn't it wonderful, they said. 
But no one knows what to say now. 

My husband wants to take the kids. 
My husband thinks the accident was my fault. 
My husband thinks I need help. 

But I think he wants rid of me. 


This book threw me into a complete emotional rollacoaster, at first I had no idea what had happened to Laura she had obviously been in a terrible accident and everyone in her life was walking on eggshells around her, her memory was terribly effected by the accident. The plot leads you down one path then throws you onto a completely different one. I did not see the end coming. I really felt for laura I hated her husband and Nicole for trying to kill her after such a traumatic incident had already happened, keeping her kids from her. I thought her friends were so brave running away to new york with her only then to have the whole plot turned upside down and everything I thought I knew to be true to be completely wrong. A really fantastic 5* psychological thriller. Would seriously recommend for anyone looking for there next great read but be prepared cause once you start you won't stop and everything else will be put on hold.

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