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So the other day I was in Tesco down the book isle. My favourite isle of course when a certain book caught my eye. The front cover was a picture of two very cute looking cats who from the title I could see were called Alfie and George.  The front cover also said this book was a Sunday Times Bestseller. I picked the book up and read the blurb it sounded like a very sweet story however, it was not the first in the series. My interest was now peaked so when I got home I went onto the kindle store and found the first book was called Alfie the doorstep cat. I immediately brought it and started reading it. I must say so far I am enjoying it. I will of course as always do a review when finished. 

I liked the idea of this book for 2 reason, the first being I had a ginger cat called Alfie so the book immediately appealed to me. The second I now have a black  cat called Oscar who like the Alfie in this book visits all the homes of my neighbours and is everyone on my streets best friend. So again this grabbed my interest and pulled at my heart strings. 

Keep you eyes peeled for the review, I suspect it won't be far away x 

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