Girl Online...Zoe Sugg

                                        Girl Online by Zoe Sugg


Girl Online is written by you-tuber Zoe Sugg. This romance story follows the life of Penny, a young schoolgirl living Brighton who writes a blog called girl online, she writes about everything in the life, she writes about school dramas and life with her best friend, her crazy family and the panic attacks she's been suffering from recently. 

When her mum is offered the chance to go to New York to plan a wedding, Penny and her best friend go too. Whilst in New York Penny finds adventure and romance which soon blossoms into love. She overcomes her panic attacks and all is going well. Soon the whirlwind is over and she is flying back to Brighton. Once back home she discovers all is not as it seems with the boy she fell in love with and things begin to fall apart, she's back to having panic attacks and back to the girl she was before New York. But when Noah the boy she fell in love with turns up in Brighton everything changes again. 


Now i must admit this is not my normal genre of book that i read, there was so much hype about this book and it was all over my Facebook feed i gave in and brought it and i was not sorry. I really enjoyed this book, so much so i couldn't put it down, i read it in a day. You find yourself getting caught up in Penny's life and being drawn into her relationship with Noah, it keeps you wanting to read more and more so much so i have brought the next instalment in the series. A really great read even if you think its not for you as it certainly isn't my usual type of book. 

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