Disclaimer by Renee Knight

                                                         Disclaimer by Renee Knight 


Catherine finds a mysterious novel by her bed on her bedside table, intrigued she begins to read it, nothing out the ordinary about it to begin with, until she gets further into it then she realised the book is about her, about a secret she has kept to herself for twenty years, a secret she hasn't told a single person, so how can it be in this book? Catherine finds out the book was also given to her son, terrified he will realise it is about her, she begins to track down who wrote the book and why. But what happens at the end of the book and will it come true?


This book sounded exactly like it was my kind of book, a real psychological thriller my favourite kind of book. It started off really well, really had me enthralled and wanting to read on to find out what the big secret was and how the author of the book knew the secret. I however, found the ending to be very disappointing and a bit of a let down. Not one that i would recommend to anyone looking for a good read i'm afraid.  I started this book as it was the selected book for the month at my library's book club. Lets hope next months book is better. 

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