Short Stories From Hogwarts of Hardship, Heroism and Dangerous Hobbies

 Short Stories From Hogwarts of Hardship, Heroism and Dangerous Hobbies.


This short book tell you the background stories of professor McGonagall, Professor Trelawney and Professor Kettleburn. It also goes into the background of Remus Lupin. The book tells you all about there parentage, what houses they were in when they attended Hogwarts and how they did at school. It then goes on to tell you how the teachers got there jobs at Hogwarts. It also tells you the part they played in the battle of Hogwarts. The book also gives you information about werewolf's and seers to backup the background information about Lupin and Trelawney. The book also gives you J K Rowling's thoughts on each matter she talks about. 


After reading this book i felt i really knew these characters a lot better and could relate to them a lot more. I like how J K Rowling gives her thoughts on each chapter it makes the book seem more personal like she is talking to you. This book gives you a lot more background and history to backup the Harry Potter book and now when i reread the Harry Potter books i will know more information about the characters and will be able to relate to them better.

Again another 5* review on goodreads. 

what to read now??

What to read now??

While waiting to purchase the third book in the flowers in the attic series, i thought i would give. Short stories from Hogwarts of Hardship and Heroism and Dangerous Hobbies a quick read and i must say i'm not sorry i did. in One night i read 80% of the book and shall finish it today as i plan to buy let there be thorns today. Once I've finished Short stories from Hogwarts of Hardship and Heroism and Dangerous Hobbies i will of course do i review and let you all know what its like. 

Enjoying your reading and if you have any suggestions on good books leave me a comment as always 

Petals on the Wind

Petals on the Wind:


This is the second book in the series by Virginia Andrews. The book continues to follow the lives of Chris, Cassy and Carrie, who are now permanently living with the doctor Paul. Paul pays for Chris to go to college, Cassy to go to high school and have ballet classes and for Cassy to go to a private all girls school. The story is still told from Cassy's point of view. We see Cassy develop romances with Paul and a boy from ballet called Julian. *spoiler alert* Cassy then goes on to marry Julian instead of Paul, she becomes pregnant but Julian is killed in a car crash just like her father was. Cassy has her child a little baby boy who she names after her late husband but nicknames him Jory as a reminder of her late brother Cory. Cassy throughout the book seeks revenge on her mother and we later see her move back to Virginia where she confronts her mother in an evil scheme that has left her pregnant by her mothers husband who also dies and the house that kept her prisoner for so long is burnt down. At the end of the book she rushes back to Paul who has suffered a massive heart attack...Will she finally give in and admit Paul is the man shes always wanted? 


At the start of the book Cassy is back with Paul who wants to marry her and be a father to her child and still she denies him, you find yourself getting annoyed with Cassy cause you know there so right for each other, They share a few passionate moments and you think its gonna happen and she leaves to reek revenge on her mother. You feel sorry for her that she still has all this anger towards her mother but at the same time annoyed that she can't just forget it all and live happily with Paul. This book keeps you wanting to turn the pages to find out what happens next. Again i couldn't put this book down. These books where one of my mothers favorites as a child and now i totally understand why, they have certainly found there way into my favorite section in my kindle. Would defiantly recommend for someone looking for a great read, with great plot lines and something that just drags you in and makes you really feel you part of the book. Another 5* rating on goodreads. 

Time to read ...

Currently Reading Time Again.

After reading flowers in the attic i have now gone into read Petals on the Wind which is the second book in the series, so far i am 23% into the book and really enjoying it, again there is more taboo subjects as Cassy seduces her new ward in an attempt to get over her feeling for her brother.

Keep your eyes out for the review i have a feeling it wont be long till i do one another day of none stop reading and no housework i think is ahead of me.... 

Flowers in the attic - Virginia Andrews

Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews:


This book follows the life of four young children Chris, Cassy and twins Cory and Carrie. When their father dies in a car accident they are forced to go and live with their grandmother however, all is not what it seems as they are made to live in secret in the attic. There mother Corrine keeps promising them they will be let out any day now, 3 years down the line and they are still locked away in the attic. *spoiler alert* When Cory dies Chris and Cassy decide its time they ran away, whilst sneaking into the house to steal money for the breakaway they find out, their being poisoned and there brother was in fact murdered. The book finishes with the 3 children now older escaping the attic and fleeing, There on a bus on there way to Florida when Cassy becomes ill from the poisoning, they meet a women named Henny who takes them to her doctor friend who seeing to Cassy and takes the 3 children in. 


I really enjoyed this book, could not put it down. Kept me enthralled throughout. Spent the whole day reading, ignoring all my daily house chores which needed doing as i just couldn't put it down. Would defiantly recommend to anyone looking for a good read. This book touches on the taboo subject of incest and also on how a mother can betray her children so much. Really gets you thinking about your own childhood and makes you thankful for the way you were brought up as well. Virginia Andrews has done a great job with this fantastic piece of writing and i shall be straight on to book 2. The book is writing from the perspective of Cassy which makes it all that more personal. 

To conclude, This is a great read, i have given it 5* on goodreads and would recommend to anyone looking for a good fictional book with taboo subjects, great characters and plots, good guys and bad guys and just a great book through out.