Seeds of Yesterday


This story starts fifteen years after its previous book, Christ and Cathy arrive back at Foxworth Hall, which now belongs to Bart, he had reconstructed the place to be an exact replica to the old Foxworth Hall. When Chris and Cathy arrive at Foxworth Hall they meet Joel who turns out to be Corrine's long thought dead brother. Joel has a huge and bad influence over Bart pushing radical religion on him. Jory eventually moves into Foxworth Hall with his wife Melodie, soon after they announce Melodie is pregnant. Bart and Jory's sister Cindy also arrives at the house and it soon becomes aware that Bart does not like either Jory or Cindy. There is an accident which leaves Jory paralized which is believed to be down to Bart. This takes its toll on Melodie and she leaves, leaving her twins behind with Jory. Cathy and Chris hire a nurse names Tori to care for Jory and the pair soon fall in love. But not before Bart tired to take Tori's attention away first. Bart starts pushing terrible sermons on the twins once Cathy finds out she warns Bart to stay away from the twins. Cathy and Chris talk and decide its time to leave Foxworth Hall. One night while Cathy sits at home waiting for Chris to come home,she gets a visit much like the one her mother got in the first book, Chris has died. Cathy goes into a deep depression, she goes into the attic and decorates it with flowers like they did when she was a child, she then lays down and dies. 


I enjoyed this book and read it quiet quickly, Bart becomes a very complex and interesting character in this book. Its good to see him redeem himself towards the end of the book. The character of Joel works as a great villain he has a massive influence over Bart and is able to control his behaviour and thought processes, he pushes radical religious views onto him and forces him to push them onto his family. These views become problems within the family and causes many arguments. The problems with Cindy and Jory and Then with Melodie all add to the heat of the book. The book overall is very well written and add to the series in a positive and great way. 

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