Garden of Shadows


This book is based on the life of Olivia, Cathy and Chris's grandmother. It starts with her living at home with her father, she is a very tall and average looking women but she is also very smart which is not expected of women in those days. One day the very handsome Malcolm Foxworth arrives and sweeps Olivia off her feet she believes she has found the one and they are married within two weeks, she accompanies him back to Foxworth Hall. From there it all goes down hill, Olivia begins to discover dark secrets about Malcolm which diminishes her love for him and eventually she begins to hate him. Malcolm flirts with every women around and then rapes Olivia, 9 months later Olivia gives birth to a son names Mal, 2 years later Olivia has another son Joel much to Malcolm's dismay who wanted a daughter. Soon after Joel's birth Malcolm's father Garland comes home with his new wife Alicia. Alicia is pregnant, this enrages Malcolm as Alicia is only nineteen, much younger than his father. Alicia gives birth to a boy and names him Christopher. On the night of Christopher's third birthday Garland catches Malcolm sneaking into Alicia's room to rape her the two fight and Garland has a heart attack and dies. Alicia confesses to Olivia that Malcolm has been sneaking into her room to rape her and threatening to throw her and Christopher out on the street penniless if she doesn't let him. She also confesses that she is pregnant and that the child is Malcolm's. Olivia at this point becomes hardened and start to become the hard and hateful women she is in flowers in the attic. Olivia decided the only thing to do is to hide Alicia away and fake a pregnancy of her own. She sacks all of the staff in the house and hires new staff who know nothing of Alicia. As the months pass, Alicia gives birth to a girl which just upsets Olivia even more knowing this was the one thing Malcolm wanted. Soon after Alicia leaves with Christopher and Olivia bring up the new baby which Malcolm has named Corrine after his mother. Over the years Corrine grows up into a happy and spoilt young women. Malcolm has no time for his two sons he has only interest in his daughter. Olivia looses both of her sons in accidents, Soon after she recieves a letter from Alicia who is dying of breast cancer and wants Christopher to come back to Foxworth Hall. Christopher comes back to Foxworth Hall and soon he and Corrine have fallen in love, Malcolm is outraged with the scandle of them being half siblings and the pair flee. 


I didn't enjoy this book as much as the others although it was good to get a background story as to why Olivia is the way she is and how Corrine and Christopher are connected and what made them become disowned from the Foxworth family. The book filled in many gaps in the background info which was good. When i think about it, it was a good way to end the series. 

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