Short Stories From Hogwarts of Hardship, Heroism and Dangerous Hobbies

 Short Stories From Hogwarts of Hardship, Heroism and Dangerous Hobbies.


This short book tell you the background stories of professor McGonagall, Professor Trelawney and Professor Kettleburn. It also goes into the background of Remus Lupin. The book tells you all about there parentage, what houses they were in when they attended Hogwarts and how they did at school. It then goes on to tell you how the teachers got there jobs at Hogwarts. It also tells you the part they played in the battle of Hogwarts. The book also gives you information about werewolf's and seers to backup the background information about Lupin and Trelawney. The book also gives you J K Rowling's thoughts on each matter she talks about. 


After reading this book i felt i really knew these characters a lot better and could relate to them a lot more. I like how J K Rowling gives her thoughts on each chapter it makes the book seem more personal like she is talking to you. This book gives you a lot more background and history to backup the Harry Potter book and now when i reread the Harry Potter books i will know more information about the characters and will be able to relate to them better.

Again another 5* review on goodreads. 

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