Petals on the Wind

Petals on the Wind:


This is the second book in the series by Virginia Andrews. The book continues to follow the lives of Chris, Cassy and Carrie, who are now permanently living with the doctor Paul. Paul pays for Chris to go to college, Cassy to go to high school and have ballet classes and for Cassy to go to a private all girls school. The story is still told from Cassy's point of view. We see Cassy develop romances with Paul and a boy from ballet called Julian. *spoiler alert* Cassy then goes on to marry Julian instead of Paul, she becomes pregnant but Julian is killed in a car crash just like her father was. Cassy has her child a little baby boy who she names after her late husband but nicknames him Jory as a reminder of her late brother Cory. Cassy throughout the book seeks revenge on her mother and we later see her move back to Virginia where she confronts her mother in an evil scheme that has left her pregnant by her mothers husband who also dies and the house that kept her prisoner for so long is burnt down. At the end of the book she rushes back to Paul who has suffered a massive heart attack...Will she finally give in and admit Paul is the man shes always wanted? 


At the start of the book Cassy is back with Paul who wants to marry her and be a father to her child and still she denies him, you find yourself getting annoyed with Cassy cause you know there so right for each other, They share a few passionate moments and you think its gonna happen and she leaves to reek revenge on her mother. You feel sorry for her that she still has all this anger towards her mother but at the same time annoyed that she can't just forget it all and live happily with Paul. This book keeps you wanting to turn the pages to find out what happens next. Again i couldn't put this book down. These books where one of my mothers favorites as a child and now i totally understand why, they have certainly found there way into my favorite section in my kindle. Would defiantly recommend for someone looking for a great read, with great plot lines and something that just drags you in and makes you really feel you part of the book. Another 5* rating on goodreads. 

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