If There Be Thorns - Virginia Andrews

If There Be Thorns - Virginia Andrews


This is the third book in the series. This book is told from the perspective of Cassy's two children Bert and Jory. The story is set when Cassy and Chris have moved away and are living together as a married couple, they have told their children that Chris is their stepfather and they don't know that he is in fact their uncle. The story starts with the two children playing in an empty and abandoned mansion next door to their house. This house later get renovated and an old lady moves in with her servant. Bert befriends this lady and she gives him everything he asks for. He also becomes friends with the butler in the house, a wicked old man who fill Bart's head with terrible things. It is later revealed that the old lady is in face Chris and Cassy's mother making her Bert and Jory's grandmother. Chris and Cassy adopt a little girl called Cindy who Bert doesn't like and keeps doing terrible things to. Bert becomes a very confused and violent little boy. Things get quiet bad, Christ eventually finds out it is his mother living next door and keeps it secret for fear it will send Cassy over the edge. Cassy has an accident and can no longer dance so she takes up writing a book all about what happened to her and her siblings. Cassy later discovers her mother is living next door and her and her mother are taken hostage by the Butler John. The house gets set on fire, Cassy is saved by her mother who dies and John goes to jail for everything he has done. 


Although this book was rather good i found i didn't enjoy it as much as the first two i think this may be because it was from a different perspective than the first two. The book focuses mainly on Bert and i found this at times to be rather boring. I found i didn't like Bert as a character but i suppose this was the intention. I found this book to go on a bit if you know what i mean, i think a lot was said that could be said in fewer words. 

I gave this book a 4* rating on goodreads. 

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