Flowers in the attic - Virginia Andrews

Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews:


This book follows the life of four young children Chris, Cassy and twins Cory and Carrie. When their father dies in a car accident they are forced to go and live with their grandmother however, all is not what it seems as they are made to live in secret in the attic. There mother Corrine keeps promising them they will be let out any day now, 3 years down the line and they are still locked away in the attic. *spoiler alert* When Cory dies Chris and Cassy decide its time they ran away, whilst sneaking into the house to steal money for the breakaway they find out, their being poisoned and there brother was in fact murdered. The book finishes with the 3 children now older escaping the attic and fleeing, There on a bus on there way to Florida when Cassy becomes ill from the poisoning, they meet a women named Henny who takes them to her doctor friend who seeing to Cassy and takes the 3 children in. 


I really enjoyed this book, could not put it down. Kept me enthralled throughout. Spent the whole day reading, ignoring all my daily house chores which needed doing as i just couldn't put it down. Would defiantly recommend to anyone looking for a good read. This book touches on the taboo subject of incest and also on how a mother can betray her children so much. Really gets you thinking about your own childhood and makes you thankful for the way you were brought up as well. Virginia Andrews has done a great job with this fantastic piece of writing and i shall be straight on to book 2. The book is writing from the perspective of Cassy which makes it all that more personal. 

To conclude, This is a great read, i have given it 5* on goodreads and would recommend to anyone looking for a good fictional book with taboo subjects, great characters and plots, good guys and bad guys and just a great book through out. 

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