Read-A-Thon Challenge... Goodreads

So I have just today finished my Read-A-Thon challenge on
The challege was:

We will have three challenges as usual and you can choose to do all, none or however much you like:

1. Read a book with an orange, red or yellow cover to symbolise Autumn
2. Read a book set in Asia
3. Read a book written by an author whose won an award for their book
I chose option 3 and went for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, J K Rowling had won the Locus award for best fantasy novel for this book which makes it perfect for option three.
I started the Challenge Saturday Morning and Completed the Challenge Sunday Afternoon. I was listening to the Audio Book and reading the Kindle Book at the same time which is something i like to do when possible. 

So Seeing as today is Sunday and I have just started this blog, My next post will be reviews from the books I have read this week and from then on each time I read a book I will write a single review.   

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